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Crossroads is an interactive interface that allows the quick creation of a game using predefined parameters. This mode has been described by the dev team as the "Choose your own adventure" single player mode, while anything created in Crossroads can be shared to the community.

How it works[]

Crossroads Icon 2.png

Crossroads takes majority of the world editing and customisation into its own hands as it quickly creates a playable world for the user. The player will have to make a series of decisions throughout the adventure that will ultimately affect the look and feel of the game, such as defining the biome, whether it is Arctic, Desert, etc., or the kind of quest he would like to do.

While the large, game defining, choices are made by the player, smaller decisions are made for them, such as pathways to quest locations, side quests and enemy locations. This mode offers an outlet to the users who are less interested in micromanaging every aspect of their creation as it allows them to make playable games with minimal input. This mode can also be used to generate a starting block, as it includes all the same editing tools and capabilities, the world created by Crossroads can be changed to suit the user's vision.

Below are the possible choices in Crossroads game mode: