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Below is a list of the enemies you will encounter:

Ss (2014-09-10 at 08.17.35).jpg Human Rogues that use various melee and ranged attacks.
Ss (2014-09-10 at 08.17.27).jpg Goblins are the easiest faction in Crossroad enemies, as their attacks are simple and predictable. Only exception is the Goblin Tank which has a lot of hitpoints and his pound attack causes large amounts of damage.
Ss (2014-09-10 at 08.17.19).jpg Zombies mainly attack by hunting the player and using melee. Special attacks include a ranged vomit attack, as well as a underground seeking attack.
Ss (2015-02-08 at 11.40.08).jpg Void Fiends are small creatures with various abilities. Their attacks are not limited to melee only, but include special abilities like the Void Seer which can spawn other enemies or the Void Seer that rolls around and deals damage consecutively upon hitting the player.
Ss (2015-02-08 at 11.40.17).jpg Void or "Infected" Goblins are a modified version of the normal Goblin faction. It includes "Infected Boomer" (drops void bombs that if attacked, they explode), "Infected Fighter" (can defend against attacks by creating a force field), "Infected Scavenger" (melee - easy), "Infected Scrapper" (melee - very easy) and "Infected Tank" (Hardest enemy in faction - cannot be defeated with a default character)


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