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Below is a list of the different environments used in the Crossroads edit mode:

  • Ss (2014-09-06 at 08.09.00).jpg Forest: Follows the Woodlands theme. Populates world squirrels.
  • Ss (2014-09-06 at 08.08.39).jpg Arctic: Follows the Arctic theme. Populates world with snow foxes.
  • Ss (2014-09-06 at 08.10.56).jpg Desert: Follows the Desert theme. Populates world with cotton tails.
  • Ss (2015-02-08 at 11.25.08).jpg Alien Asteroid: Follows the Galaxies theme. This biome has no animal life.
  • Windy Grasslands.png Windy Grasslands: Follows the Conker theme. This biome has no animal life.

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