In the end of every game you make in "find the objective" game mode in Crossroads, you will choose the "final challenge" which is a boss fight. Below is a list of possible boss fights:

Boss Selection Name Boss Name Description Extra Description Picture Stats

Black Knight 

Sir Halix Nothing is more fearsome in a foe than all honor forsaken. Great power without honor has nothing to lose and no rules to bind it. Have care for his brutal shield bash and underhanded tactics.
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Crate of Rabid Squirrels Danger This crate contains live animals. Do not open without proper safety equipment. The most fearsome, ferocious, and adorably furious rodents you 've ever seen.
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Defective Drone  01100100 This M.O.L.E. Minign Drone has a few wires crossed. A glitch in the system has turned this bot's mining tolls into lethal weapons.
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Enraged Troll  Kren A fierce Troll from the border of Verdia and Paik Kren has incredible strength and can turn into stone to heal his wounds.
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Fallen Ranger Andor A noble forest Ranger sent to investigate the ancient ruins, Andor is now possessed by a mysterious spirit. Skilled with both the sword and the bow, this Ranger is a threat at any range.
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Flame Warrior Flint A member of the secretive order of pyromancer knights who worship the Great Flame. imbued with the power of the Great Flame, this knight attacks with waves of fire.
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Goblin Egg Guardian Borak Borak protects his precious eggs using a magical force field and his two meaty fists. Sometimes he forgets and throws the eggs. He's bad at his jobs.
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Ss (2015-02-10 at 04.11.43)
Goblin King King Var His royal highness King Var III, Earl of the Bog, Lord of the Party, and Master of the Brew. Beware his voodoo-powered Bone Bombs, made from the skulls of his enemies.
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Haunted Scarecrow  Jack Like most scarecrows, this one has been possessed by the vengeful spirits of the dead. Beware his ghostly ravens and spinning whirlwind attack!
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Necromancer  Razior When one loses the love of his life, he goes to great extremes to get her back, even learning to raise the dead. It came so naturally, he took it up as a profession. With undead minions, dark magic explosives, and a hulking undead bride, this is one crowded graveyard.
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Yeti  Mi-go An adominable yeti from the frozen peaks. His wintery powers chill his foes to the bone. The Yeti roars loudly and carries a big icicle.
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