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You can only build a maximum of 3 buildings around the town square. Below is a list (alphabetical):

Ss (2014-09-10 at 04.08.15).jpg Ss (2014-09-10 at 04.07.46).jpg Ss (2014-09-10 at 04.07.33).jpg Ss (2014-09-10 at 04.08.21).jpg Ss (2014-09-10 at 04.07.59).jpg Ss (2014-09-10 at 04.07.16).jpg Ss (2014-09-10 at 04.07.38).jpg Ss (2014-09-10 at 04.07.23).jpg Ss (2014-09-10 at 04.08.07).jpg Ss (2014-09-10 at 04.07.53).jpg Ss (2014-09-10 at 04.07.08).jpg Ss (2014-09-10 at 04.08.27).jpg

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