• Ally : A character that helps the player or holds neutral attitude. In kode language, an ally has the same "team" as you or a team which is stated as "allies".
  • Biome tool : A "clever" brush that uses both Paint and Prop tools together, identifiying the respective texture or prop according to the terrain (flat, slope, vertical, cave, water) and size of brush (which scales the props accordingly).
  • Brain : The input of all assignments for a specified prop.
  • Prop : any entity in the game (objects, characters, champions, effects, sound effects, assemblies)
  • Enemy : A character opposing the player
  • NPC : A non-playable character for the specified level that acts either as an enemy or ally.
  • Sculpt : The terra-forming tool of Project Spark.
  • Crossroads : An interactive interface that allows the quick creation of a game using pre-defined parameters that are represented as "keywords".
  • Empty World : A world started without the use of Crossroads (from scratch).
  • Kode : The visual scripting language used inside of brains.
  • World Wizard : A wizard similar to Crossroads that helps you build a working template on the advanced editor.
  • Remix : The ability to work on a project that another player has created.
  • Remixed World : A world that contains more than one authors (if the same author remixes its own world then it is still a custom world).


  • Rule : A single line of commands (containing a WHEN and DO) in the brain logic of a prop.
  • Brain Tile  : The initial command in a WHEN or DO.
  • Post-Assignment Tile (PAT) : A command which specifies, alters or modifies the initial command of AT (comes after). See link for further description.
  • Sensors : Sensors allow an object to sense information about the world, other objects, or input devices.
  • Actuators : Actuators allow an object to change the world, itself, or other objects.
  • Properties : Brains can read and write properties to customize objects and the world.
  • Operators : Operators allow the creator to form meaningful expressions from different properties.
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