Below is a list of the pre-made games inside project Spark:

  • Suspension: A "Limbo"-like side-scrolling platformer where you start at at a jungle wondering where you are. 
  • Goblin Wing: A "Pilot-wings" alike game where you command a goblin and fly through rings before the timer is out. It also includes a score calculator and leaderboard. 
  • BlackJack: A blackJack game with a goblin that pushes you to do the wrong choices
  • Swan Song: A turn-based RPG with multiple custom made gameplay mechanics.
  • The Creator: An editor within an editor, "The Creator" lets you modify the land, create props and asssign brains while playing.
  • Synthesizer: A fully working synthesizer that lets you record, play and alter sound.
  • Gladiator: Survival game where you fight goblins and get power-ups in an underground arena. In the end you get your score calculated into the custom-made throphy system (skulls).
  • Spark Origins: There is no information about this game.
  • Rodent Rage: There is no information about this game.
  • Coin Grab: There is no information about this game.