"Home" tabEdit

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-Shows Premium status and expiration date

-Total Lineage rewards (aggregate stats for 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and All time)

-Shows general stats (like total number of plays for all levels, total number of upvotes, highest creation rating, average creation rating and number of followers)

"Shared" tabEdit

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-Shows all shared levels (including hidden)

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= Uploaded level

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= Uploaded level with a "hidden" status (only can be accessed through level-linking)

"Rewards" tabEdit

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-Shows rewards gained from uploaded levels, as well as levels that you have contributed (by remixing or by being remixed)

"Collection" tabEdit

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-Shows list of purchased packs, bundles and props from the marketplace.

Spark levelEdit

Under the Profile and the Statistics menu you can view your progress through playing Project Spark. Whilst creating or playing you earn "Experience" which is used to increase your "Spark Level". By increasing you Spark level, you can unlock "level slots" at the marketplace (server space to upload levels) once every 10 levels. Those slot stack along with the ones gained from premium packages.

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