Project Spark Wiki

Below is a list accessed while in editor > pause menu > world settings:

  • Sky: Selects background sky.
  • Visual Filter: Applies visual filters to level
  • Brightness: Adjusts the brightness of the level
  • Sun Side: Adjusts the position of the sun horizontally
  • Sun Angle: Adjusts the position of the sun vertically
  • Draw Surface Grid: An ON/OFF option to display a grid in the level
  • Water type: Select the color and underwater visibility of the water. (to be confirmed about the second)
  • Water level: Adjusts the level of the water in the stage
  • Ambient Track: Sets a sound that will play indefinitely in the entire level (as an ambient track - can be changed through kode too)
  • Music Track: Sets the global music track (can be changed through kode too)
  • World Border Behavior: This setting has two options: "destroy" will destroy every prop that reaches the end of the world, and "block" will block it from going further. Note: in various occasions attachments on a character that bumps the world end may get destroyed even if "block" is selected. 
  • Kill Plane Height: The height (in Y axis) that "World Border Behaviour" will activate.
  • Terrain Tint: A setting that allows recoloring of each terrain brush selected in the level (in the brush palette - similar to prop recoloring)
  • Leaderboard Type: A setting that determines which player action will be held better in the end of playthrough, so as to settle a highscore among players in the leaderboard.